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Know a little bit more about us and our team

Sevilla Language Center opened its doors to students in September of 2016 with the desire to be the best place for students to learn Spanish and English in a fun, relaxing, professional environment.

Our location in the Puerta de Jerez couldn’t be more in the center of Seville: in the middle of the main attractions, and right next to public transportation.

The main goal of our language courses is that students gain the ability to achieve successful, accurate communication in the target language.

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Our Team


David Engman

Director - English Teacher

In 2003, David quit his job as a litigation lawyer at a large law firm in the USA and moved to Seville in search of happiness, which he’s found teaching English.  He specializes in teaching in-company English and Cambridge exam preparation, and though he leaves them exhausted, his students love the intensity and passion he brings to the class.  He’s got three sons, and if you want to get him talking just ask him about his boys.  He’s the director of the company and has big plans for the future.


Cristina Torres

Head of studies: Spanish

Engaging, creative, compassionate, brilliant! This isn’t our opinion of Cristina, this is how her students have described her!! A true expert in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, having experience in Spain and abroad, Cristina has developed our Spanish language program with great enthusiasm and attention to detail that you will notice in your classes. She’s a fan of cinema, walks in nature and conversing with people. You’ll find her either in the classroom or chatting around the espresso machine.

María Salazar

Mary Salazar

Spanish Teacher / Student Services Manager

Mary comes to us from a small beach town in Huelva, called El Rompido. She brings her positive spirit, creativity and problem-solving efficiency to work every day where she loves to make our students feel like family.  She’ll help you find the right family stay, book a flamenco show, or tell you the timetable for the next Cambridge course at your level. She’s also an experienced Spanish teacher, who still gets some time in the classroom where her spark ignites the conversation amongst her students. She’s held a variety of posts in language schools here and abroad, and we’re very grateful to have her here at SLC.

Isabel Benjumea

Isabel Benjumea

Spanish teacher

Ready for learning and good times with Isabel? She’s got a doctorate in language studies, masters in languages, literature and cultures, and is an official examiner for DELE exams. So, after 10 years of studying Spanish language teaching, you could say she’s qualified.  But, what sets Isabel apart is her passion, creativity and ability to motivate students with her charming positivity. Her classrooms are filled with laughter as her students play games while learning far more than they realize. Her other interests include comics, music and Italian culture. You’ll love getting to know her and being part of her class.

Gary Throup

Gary Throup

English Teacher

Gary (Gazz) is from Hoghton, a hamlet in Lancashire, in the north of England. He’s been teaching English for over a dozen years, with the last 7 years here in Sevilla.  He’s an expert Cambridge exam preparation teacher, and not bad in a Pub Quiz, but according to his students, it’s his sense of humor makes his classes so great. They’re having so much fun that they forget that they are learning a new language and suddenly it’s time to go already.  If you don’t end up in his class, make sure to have a beer and a chat with him at one of our language exchange nights.

Paul Blackstock

Paul Blackstock

English teacher

Paul Blackstock is an experienced veteran with more than 10 years of experience who comes to us from Oxford, England. A truly talented individual, when he’s not entertaining his students with his expertise in Cambridge exams, or chatting football over a pint in a pub, he’s lending his attractive mug and silky voice to a wide variety stage and screen productions. His teaching style is a mixture of practicality and humor, so that his students get where they need to go, all the while enjoying the journey.

Paul Marshall

Paul Marshall

English teacher

Paul is our London connection, having spent 10 years working in the City financial district, so if you want to hear the most “proper” of proper British accents, talk to him. But, Paul is a far more interesting fellow than you would expect from a financial analyst, which is probably why he decided to quit his job and travel the world. Fortunately for us, he’s decided to settle here in Seville and pursue his passion for teaching others. In his spare time, Paul likes to keep fit by running through the various parks of Sevilla or hiking in the hills and mountains all around. If you’re not lucky enough to have him as your teacher, make sure to have a chat with him if you see him in the halls or at one of our language exchanges.


Sharon García

English teacher

Sharon grew up in Texas and has been described as elegant, profound, dynamic, and thoroughly entertaining: and this is not only describing her flamenco dancing, but also her classroom presence as well.  She has more than 10 years of experience teaching Cambridge exams, and it shows. After preparing with her, the students enter the exam with a calm confidence that helps them achieve their best marks. When she’s not teaching, Sharon can be found studying with some of the great flamenco masters across the river in Triana.

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