SEVILLA LANGUAGE CENTER opened its doors to students in September of 2016 with the desire to be the best place for students to learn Spanish and English in a fun, relaxing, professional environment. Our location in the Puerta de Jerez couldn’t be more in the center of Seville: in the middle of the main attractions, and right next to public transportation. The main goal of our language courses is that students gain the ability to achieve successful, accurate communication in the target language.


Our method of teaching sets us apart in that we have designed our Spanish and English methodology using the “demand high” approach. This means that students are taught authentic, native language from the beginning, instead of artificially adapted materials. Newspapers, magazines, films, music, television programs, and people on the street do not use adapted language. They use native, authentic constructions and expressions, and students need to learn them from the beginning. Moreover, students need to develop the capacity to gather understanding from the context of the situation when new vocabulary or structures are presented. This is what we teach!

Another way to explain this is to explain what we do not do. We believe that teaching students the “science” of a language is not helpful.  Learning all sort of grammar theories and technicalities are interesting for some, but this is not the fastest way to improve communicative ability.  Instead, our students learn by doing – by actually communicating in the target language.  Communication means receiving information in the target language by reading or listening, and transmitting information by writing and speaking.  Reading and writing are much slower and allow the student time to pause and think, while listening and speaking must be performed much more quickly, and involve the additional difficulty of pronunciation.  Students can prepare for listening and speaking by reading and writing.

Finally, we believe that students really cannot be taught a language. Instead they must take the responsibility to actively learn the language.  The teacher’s roll is to show the student how to learn language and to guide the student as they progress.  Our teachers all have advanced degrees and many years of experience. If you are willing to put forth the effort, they will make sure it is not wasted.