Flamenco dancing


Sevilla is the center of the universe when it comes to flamenco dancing, so there is no better place to combine learning Spanish with some Flamenco dancing.  Whether you are a beginner or an aspiring professional, we have a place for you. Our dance partners are well known in the field and will make sure you achieve your goals.  Please send us an inquiry and we can send you more specific information about it.



In the cooking classes, you will be able to experiment something unique: to cook Andalusian and Spanish plates in an authentic environment. Of course, the cooking classes are in Spanish, so you will learn all the vocabulary and expressions that are necessary to cook, prepare and present plates!  Besides, you will become familiar with Andalusian and Spanish ingredients. Send us an email to get more information about prices and schedules.



Known worldwide, the Spanish Guitar is the real instrument through which Andalusian folklore has expressed.  Our guitar class partners are professionals who enjoy working with people from around the world.  You can improve your technique as well as experience what it’s like to study in an authentic, Sevillian music school where many of the world’s best have studied.  Send us a message to get more information about prices and schedules!