Dynamic, engaging and useful

Your 4 hours of daily class-time will fly by as you gain the ability to communicate in Spanish in the real world.  Boring grammar exercises are for high school; your class time will be spent doing carefully planned activities using authentic, real world materials.  The Spanish that you learn at every level will be the type that you can use on the streets that same day.

Classes are 20 hours per week, and we mean 20 hours of actual class time.  You will have class from 9:00 to 13:30 with a 30-minute break at 11:00.  Break time is an opportunity to go have a relaxing cup of “café con leche” with your classmates, chatting in Spanish at one of many typical Spanish cafes within a couple minutes of the academy.   Please note that bank holidays are unrecoverable, but instead are discounted from your cost.

You will enjoy getting to know our experienced, professional staff of teachers who love what they do and it shows.  They know how to bring out the best in each student and to maximize your learning experience.

  • Sevilla Language Center Grammar

    Do you want to use Spanish the same day you learn it?  Your lessons are created by our teachers using authentic native materials to give you the ability to communicate naturally in real life everyday situations.  Read more about our methodology.

  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • Central location in the middle of all the cultural sights
  • Air-conditioned classrooms with big tables and cushioned chairs
  • Native, professional and fun teachers
  • A/V equipment in every classroom
  • Conversation, Culture and Individual add-ons available.
  • Fun activities nearly every day

Conversation and Culture classes

In the afternoons, we offer conversation class twice a week and culture class twice a week, each lasting an hour and a half.   Sign up for both and get a discount!  Furthermore, you can participate in organized activities nearly every evening! See our Facebook page for examples of recent culture classes and activities.

Individual classes

Finally, if you feel that you need some extra help learning Spanish, and need some individual attention, you can add on 2,3,5 hours per week of one-to-one time with a teacher at a very affordable price.  Please note that this price is only for students enrolled in an Español-20 Intensive course.

DELE preparation

If you need an official certification of your level, we recommend you sign up for the DELE exam.  We believe that the DELE materials are extremely useful and as such have incorporated them into our Español-20 intensive curriculum. However, for a thorough preparation we recommend that you sign up for our afternoon individual and small group sessions. We form the small groups according to level and demand, so please ask ahead for booking confirmation.