Horses Riding Classes

Let's go for a ride!

Horses riding classes.

Andalucía has a rich history in the equestrian arts, and for those who want an authentic experience, we are happy to offer you an adventure with our partners at Hípica Monteverde.

Located just 15 minutes drive from Seville (and accessible by bus), you will find a beautiful ranch with well kept grounds and stables.

Take a relaxing stroll through the picturesque countryside, have an exhilarating gallop across through the natural surroundings, or for the more expert, practice jumping and dressage in their well-equipped facilities.

When you come back to Hípica Monteverde, you can relax and have a walk around their gardens, terraces and experience the authentic culture of a Hacienda en Sevilla.

Horses riding classes

Rates and hours

We offer flexible timetables are available so that you don’t have to miss your classes.

Private lessons

25 €

Per each

4 lessons pack

65 €

Per Pack

4 lesson + jump + dressage

75 €

Per Pack

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