Why come to Sevilla?

Why not?

Sevilla Language Center could not have a better location in Seville. The school is situated in an historic building, conveniently in the middle of the main historical sites.

The city center metro station is literally a few steps from our front door. The area is full of shops, sidewalk cafes and fine restaurants.

Sevilla is an absolutely gorgeous city, with fantastic historical sites, incredible authentic cuisine, a spectacular climate filled with warm, receptive people, and all at bargain prices.


A little bit more

About the city and the region

Seville is located on the banks of Guadalquivir river and is the Capital of Andalusia.

It is the fourth largest city of Spain and it is considered the artistic, cultural, financial, economic and social centre of the South of Spain.

The Metropolitan area of Seville has a population of more than 1 million people.


Andalusia is the second largest region of Spain and it’s most populous. It occupies a huge southwestern chunk of Spain, and includes long coastlines on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts.

It is also home to the highest mountain range in Spain, and offers a tremendous variety of topography from sandy beaches to snow covered peaks to grassy plains to rugged cliffs, and even the second largest wetland preserve in the world.

The Andalusian culture, cradle of flamenco and bullfighting, comes as a result of the mix of the different peoples who have inhabited this area throughout the history of this region and who have given it its special character.

Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Arabic, Jewish and Christian cultures have all dominated this land at one.

It is considered a land of sun and good weather, so it is not surprising that Andalusia is become one of the most important tourist destinations in all of Europe.



Capital of Andalucía, Sevilla is a rich, vibrant city that despite its growth and popularity has resisted becoming a modern international hub like Barcelona or Madrid, and instead has conserced it’s cultural and historic identity.


This town was inarguably the most important city in the world several centuries ago when the Spanish trading fleet would bring back the riches from the Americas up the Guadalquivir River where they would be bought by European traders to spread throughout the Mediterranean and the rest of Europe.

Reminiscent of those days you can still see the Torre de Oro (Unesco World Heritage Site) and the old Tobacco factory (currently used by the University of Seville), both within a stone’s throw of our front door at Seville Language Center.

As to the culture

In this city remains the center of the flamenco world, both for music and dance. Professional and amateur dancers take to the stage (tablaos) every day of the year in a variety of scenes, and the best of the best debut their latest interpretations at the “Bienal” celebrated here every other year.

Apart from flamenco, Seville offers an amazing culinary experience with tapas bars found on every corner and the variety of food that they offer is truly astounding.

While mostly famous for its traditional Spanish and Mudéjar architecture, here also boasts a wide variety of modern buildings and places of interest to see.


8 Good reasons

Why Seville is the place where you should come.
So, to sum up the objective description of Seville above, here are 8 reasons why Seville is the place where you should come to study Spanish.
  • Great cultural offer, theatres, concerts, music festivals, Semana Santa, Feria de abril. Every weekend you can do something different, you will never be bored.
  • Warm and welcoming people.
  • Good prices.
  • Not a big city, easy and very safe to walk. Impressive cultural and artistic heritage.
  • Best weather in Spain, with more than 200 days of blue skies a year.
  • No English spoken, so you will be forced to speak in Spanish.
  • Sevillian accent is similar to south american accent.
  • Close to other cities as Granada, Córdoba or even Morocco!


Sevilla Language Center is located in the heart of Seville, in the middle of the main attractions, and right next to public transportation.

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