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Sevilla is a gorgeous city in the south of Spain, rich in history and bursting with culture. At Sevilla Language Center you can experience everything that Sevilla offers and improve your Spanish at the same time. 

Learning Spanish in our intensive course involves discovering authentic structures and vocabulary from native sources and using them in real life situations.

Our entire staff take pride in providing the highest level of customer service so that our students feel like family.

Sevilla Language Center is a small school founded and operated by experienced language teachers with the common goal of providing high quality language classes in a fun, relaxed, professional environment.

Our Methodology

Sevilla Language Center method

At Sevilla Language Center our teaching style sets us apart in that we have designed our Spanish and English methodology using the “DEMAND HIGH” approach.

This means that students are taught authentic, native language from the beginning, instead of artificially adapted materials.

Newspapers, magazines, films, music, television programs, and people on the street do not use adapted language, they use native language and in order to communicate with them, you need to learn it too.

This is what we teach!

Understanding from the context
This is what we teach!

People communicate using native, authentic constructions and expressions and students need to develop the capacity to gather understanding from the context of the situation when new vocabulary or structures are presented. Students also need to be able to communicate themselves to others using proper, accurate constructions, rather than directly translating from their own language.

This is what we teach!

What we do not do

Boring Grammar Exercises

Another way to understand this is to look at what we do not do. We believe that teaching students the “science” of a language is not helpful.

Learning all sort of grammar theories and technicalities is interesting for linguists, but spending too much time learning grammar terms often gets in the way of improving communicative ability. Therefore, we avoid long, boring grammar exercises as well as direct translation of vocabulary. Instead, our students discover structures and vocabulary in their typical native context.

In short, they learn by doing – by actually communicating in the target language.

what we do not do

The target language

Listening and speaking

Communicating means receiving information in the target language by reading or listening and transmitting information by writing and speaking.

Reading and writing allow the student time to pause and think, while listening and speaking must be performed much more quickly and involve the additional difficulty of pronunciation.

Students can prepare for listening and speaking by practicing reading and writing.  In your classes at Sevilla Language Center, you will practice all four skills both inside and outside of class.

Active learning

Let us be your guide

We believe that students really cannot be taught a language. Instead they must take the responsibility to actively learn the language.

The teacher’s roll is to show the student how to learn language and to guide the student as they progress.

Our teachers all have advanced degrees and many years of experience.

If you are willing to put forth the effort, they will make sure it is not wasted.

active learning

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8 Great Reasons

To Study Spanish in Sevilla with Sevilla Language Center
  1. No text books! We use all authentic materials in our original lessons.
  2. The Alcazar, Cathedral, and Archive of the Indies: 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites within 500 meters of our school.
  3. 8 students maximum per class.
  4. Mediterranean Climate means great weather all year, except August: too hot!
  5. Experienced, professional teachers who absolutely love their jobs!
  6. Sevilla overflows with culture: tapas, flamenco, and much more!
  7. Study in comfort: cushioned chairs, big tables, heat, and A/C…
  8. Coffee breaks don’t count as class time. 4 hours means 4 hours classtime.

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