Accommodation Service

Choose the best place to stay

At Sevilla Language Center, you get to choose your own accommodation!

Enter your dates into our search engine and choose from the places available.

Are you looking for the lowest price, a specific neighborhood, the shortest walk to the academy, or are you going to balance a several factors into your decision making process.

We’re happy to provide you with the opportunity to make this decision for yourself.


Student flat

In the student flat, you will be sharing with other language students, some from our school and some from others.

You will have access to all of the common areas of the flat which include bathroom(s), a living room with TV, and a furnished kitchen and dining area.

Family stay

In the family stay option, you will have access to common areas of the flat, but the host family may have a private section that you are respectfully requested not to enter for any reason.


In all of our accommodations you can expect to have the following provided for you:
  • Wifi

    Internet Wireless Connection

  • Clean linens

    Sheets and bath-towels weekly

  • Storage

    A place to store your clothing, including hanging items

  • Cleaning Service

    Weekly cleaning service

  • A/C

    Heat in winter and air conditioning in summer

  • Timetable

    24 hour entry – access

  • Emergencies

    24-hour emergency number from the school.


We are different from other academies

This is where we are different from other academies. Not all accommodations are the same.

These are not like identical hotel rooms.

So, we feel it is unfair to the student and the landlord to set the same price for all accommodations.

Therefore, each individual accommodation will have its price set based on all of the following factors:

  • Proximity to the school.
  • Size and comfort of the flat and the bedroom.
  • Number of people sharing the bathroom.
  • Outside windows.
  • Balconies or views.
  • Potential for noise from outside sources.
  • Desk / study table.
  • Other available luxury items.

Our staff has evaluated each individual accommodation and agreed upon a fair price with the landlord.

You just need to tell us what type of accommodation you are interested in and when you want to come, and we will send you options of what’s available.

You can choose one or find a place to stay on your own.

Simple as that!

Accommodation Reservation System

Do you speak English and love playing with children?

Families in Seville are looking for YOU!
Family stay with English program

We have some families that would love to have you stay in their homes in exchange for you playing with their children in English after your Spanish classes at SLC.

Here’s the details:

What the family provides to you, the SLC student:
  • Stay in a private bedroom.
  • 3 meals per day.
  • Laundry once per week.
What you provide for the family:
  • 2 hours per day (10/week) with the children in English after your Spanish classes
Family stay details

Sevilla Language Center has met with each of the families, and inspected the home to be sure that you will find yourself in a pleasant situation.

The homes are all close to the academy, within 25 minutes of the school on foot or by public transit.

The families expect you to be fun and engaging with the children and to teach them English by playing with them. They expect you to be a nice houseguest and set a good example for the children.

You will be able to speak with the rest of the family in Spanish to practice what you’ve learned at SLC, and still have significant free time to enjoy Sevilla and participate in our extra activities.

Any extra babysitting, on weekends for example, is by mutual agreement between the student and the family, and SLC recommends 10 euros per hour as a fair price.

How does it work?

Fill in the form. We will review and follow up with you to be sure we have your information correctly. Next, we will match your profile with a family and send you their profile for your approval.

Please note that the minimum stay for participation in this program is 4 weeks.

What does it cost?

100 euros, regardless of the length of stay (in addition to your course fee).

Family stay with English contact form

Family stay with English
Lead Source
Arrival date (approx.)*
Number of weeks*
Home Country*
Birth Date*
Do you smoke?*
Do you have any special dietary needs?*
Do you have experience with children?*
Please give details.
What is your mother tongue?
What other languages do your speak?
Do you have any official language certifications?
Why are you interested in this program?*

Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you with more information. OR give us a call!

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