David Engman

Director - English Teacher

In 2003, David quit his job as a litigation lawyer at a large law firm in the USA and moved to Seville in search of happiness, which he’s found teaching English.  He specializes in teaching in-company English and Cambridge exam preparation, and though he leaves them exhausted, his students love the intensity and passion he brings to the class.  He’s got three sons, and if you want to get him talking just ask him about his boys.  He’s the director of the company and has big plans for the future.

Cristina Torres Palmero

Jefe de Estudios: Español

Engaging, creative, compassionate, brilliant!  This isn’t our opinion of Cristina, this is how her students have described her!!  A true expert in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, having experience in Spain and abroad, Cristina has developed our Spanish language program with great enthusiasm and attention to detail that you will notice in your classes. She’s a fan of cinema, walks in nature and conversing with people.  You’ll find her either in the classroom or chatting around the espresso machine.

Alexa Randell

Head of Studies: English

From the North of England, Alexa is our resident Cambridge examination expert because, well, she is a Cambridge Speaking examiner for KET, PET, and FCE, (A2, B1, B2, levels).  She’s been teaching English in Seville for 6 years, and scoring Cambridge speaking exams during the last 3.  Alexa holds DELTA certification from Cambridge and due to this has recently become a Teacher Trainer.  At SLC, she runs the English language department and gives students their level tests.  She has a variety of outside talents including juggling and organizing fun language exchanges.

Elena Córdoba Carrión

Spanish Teacher - Receptionist

Born in a suburb of Sevilla, Elena is our do-everything, multi-talented, hard-working millennial.  She’s known for lively and dynamic classes, having earned her Masters in teaching Spanish as a foreign language from the Pablo Olavide University here in Seville.  She’s a whiz with a computer and has produced much of our advertising content.  A music lover, she can tell you where to go to catch some interesting shows in Sevilla, and she also creates her own music with just a mini-keyboard and a laptop.